Friday, October 16, 2009

My Brother

My brother is called Nick and he is four years older than me. I idolised him as a kid, being hugely influenced by his tastes in everything, but especially music. He introduced me to both reggae (Bob Marley) and rap (Sugar Hill Gang) in the seventies and so much more. We were each other's 'best man' when we married our wives , which I think is a testament to our friendship as well as our fraternal relationship.

Of course, our lives diverged as we had families and careers, but we've remained good friends despite seeing less and less of each other as time went on. Recently, his work has brought him to Manchester on a regular basis, meaning we have seen a lot more of each other over the last year.

When I was ill in February, he bought me 'Gun' and 'Scarface' for the PSP, to help me pass time in hospital. Yesterday, he came over to see me and somewhat surpassed that gesture by buying me an iPod touch. I've no idea how much that cost (nor do I want to), but I know it's in the "hundreds".

So I just wanted to post here (although he'll never see it) how grateful I am, and how much I love him. Thanks for letting me share that!


NebachadnezzaR said...

That was beautiful :)

I got to admit when I started reading I was kind of anxious fearing the worst, because, you know, we have a bad habit of only remembering those who are important to us when something bad happens to them, so I'm glad everything's fine with you guys. And I had no idea that you have an older brother :D

And yes, and iPod touch, like every Apple product, is expensive as fuck, so your brother must really love you, man :)

Barry the Nomad said...

That was very sweet of your bro!

Welcome to the iPod Touch club. :) Hey! Now you have even more of a reason to visit the Nomad Junkyard! Check out my articles on iPod Touch games.
I particularly recommend Toy Bot Diaries 1-3 (platformer that taks advantage of the motion sensor and touch screen), iDracula (insane arcade-style shmup with lots of modes), Zenonia (Zelda-style rpg with good/bad choose your fate story) and Space Invaders Infinity Gene (Space Invaders meets Rez). Most have trial versions, so you can try before you buy.

Barry the Nomad said...

Forgot to add, iKoobs is a great game.

blondejon said...

you are one lucky guy, my brother is a total penis :)

fatherkrishna said...

I've kind of decided that my iPod will be entirely for music. I've got so much to put on it. If at the end of getting all my music on it there is space for games, I'll try a few out. Otherwise I might just download a load of games that I never play, like all my other consoles!

I'm sorry to hear that BJ. I think that by the time you get into your 40s, finding people that still get on with their brothers is a rarity rather than the norm!