Monday, October 12, 2009

MJ - "This Is It" - 'New' Song

It made the national news in the UK tonight, that there is to be a new new release from Michael Jackson, just four months after Michael's death. This was such an opportunity to smash the charts wide apart, and to re-instate Michael to his rightful place as the facilitator of the modern r'n'b scene (Timberlake, Usher, Neyo, Akon etc.) and certainly confirm that the title "King Of Pop" was well deserved.

We've read that there are "hundreds" of new, unheard tunes out there, so what do those with access to his material do? They release a rejected track from the "Dangerous" (20 years old)sessions that just happens to have the same title as his final concerts.

Now whilst I'm thrilled to see any new material from Mike, I'd like it to be new material. I've been listening to the frankly stupendous 2008 collaboration between Akon and Mike "Hold My Hand" all summer. It's very cool, and most importantly, very contemporary. I've burned dozens of copies of it for friends and colleagues who were craving something fresh from Mike after his tragic demise.

So I'll post the new "This Is It" tune at the top of the post, and then some stuff that I feel would have been better underneath. See what you think.

As to whether or not I'll buy "This Is It", of course I will! Are you daft? I'd buy recordings of Mike sleeping! Ha ha!

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Junlee said...

I don't like Akon, but Mike sounds so awesome on "Hold My Hand". That voice!

"This Is It" is a good song, and it sound especially great with the Jackson doing the background vocals. But I'm like you, I was hoping for something more...recent. I love the old school vibe to it, but that's it.