Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bargains galore!

I think I've explained recently, that the PS2 is my current console of choice. There are a number of reasons for this:
*It's set up in my bedroom, where I am currently spending a lot of time
*I was fed up of competing for time on the 360
*I wanted to play through a number of titles that I had for the PS2, before they suffered in comparison to the current gen (does that make sense?)
*I was blown away by a few PS2 titles this year which have made me want to play more PS2 titles (God Of War, Scarface, Sega Superstar Tennis, DMC2 etc.) - this has proved to me that the PS2 has a lot of life left in it...

But of course, being me, I couldn't play through my backlog without adding to it. So now, every time I go to Blockbuster games, I'm rooting through the PS2 section (3 for £10) and kind of ensuring that I'm going to be playing the system for the rest of the year at least... LOL! That wasn't the idea! So, my new 'to play' list looks like this:

*DMC1 &3
*Tomb Raider Anniversary
*Killer 7 (Suda 51!!!)
*Outrun 2
*VF4 Evolution
*Burnout 3: Takedown

*Alone In The Dark

I also bought the Godfather and Shadow The Hedgehog, both of which carry quite weightily BAD reputations, but I've often enjoyed games that others have panned (Red Steel, Enter The Matrix, Blue Stinger to name but three...)

However, the game I'm currently most pleased about procuring is Burnout 3. Let me explain: My game's 'bible' is a magazine called Games TM, which I have delivered to my door each month. At the back of the mag is a games guide, which has several categories such as Top 10 RPGs, Top 10 Shooters, Top 10 Action, Top 10 Arcade etc. This is where I first heard of Killer 7.

I'll scan these top 10 lists (which include games for Ps2, Gamecube, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, DS, PSP and PC - but for some reason NOT the Dreamcast) and try to pick up any title off the list that I see whilst in pre-owned games emporiums. I don't seek them out off eBay, and I won't pay more than a fiver for them, but if they are there I'll grab 'em.

Burnout 3:Takedown for PS2 gets a 9.5/10 score from Gamespot. As an arcade racer, it couldn't be more perfect. It's fast, visceral and thrilling and compulsive. Crashing is not a hindrance to racing but is a vital part of it... rubbing, tailgating, slamming and so on, earn you points and nitro. The more risks you take, the more points you'll earn. Everything during the race career is geared towards unlocking new cars and events. This is perfect for a geek like myself, who gets off on collecting items during games (Scarface was perfect for the same reason.)

The graphics are nice and shiny and great looking for a last gen console. But perhaps the best thing about the title was that I'd had loads of practise playing Burnout on the DS, which meant the 'pick up and play' potential was already there before I'd bought the game.

I'll give you some video and screenshots as usual, and then I'm off to play! Health-wise, I feel like I'm getting better and better each day, although I'm pretty incapacitated. My thumbs and fingers are in perfect working order, however, which is good for gaming and good for this blog!

Take care my friends!


NebachadnezzaR said...

Burnout 3 is made of awesome. When I first heard it was being developed I wasn't too happy about it, because B2 was already so incredibly awesome I didn't see how they could improve the formula.

But somehow they did, and B3 was so much better I just couldn't play B2 after that, looked so slow in comparison. Unfortunately my fears came true with the next games in the series, which were just shameless clones of the B3 formula, but that's another topic...

About your purchases, great games you got there, but beware of Devil May Cry 3. They messed up the difficulty in the EU and US versions (I played the japanese one), so the "normal" setting is actually "hard". They corrected it in the special edition, so go for that one.

And what Alone in the Dark is that? The new game, released last year? Definitely go for the PS3 version, hands-down the best of them all.

fatherkrishna said...

Yep it is the 2008 one. I know there was all kinds of control and Camera issues with AITD, that they released it on PS2 and then 360. Am I right in thinking there was a gap between the release date of the PS3 and they did some sort of patch that resolved the issues?

The reason I was prepared to take a risk on the inferior version was that a.) it was £3.33 and b.) it has some 'chapter' sysyem that means that if you get REALLY stuck, you can just move on to the next bit so you're garanteed to finish the game.

As for DMC 1 & 3, they're fairly low on the priority play list. I dabbled with DMC1 the other day and it really didn't catch my eye. I'm not playing 3 before I complete 1, so whenever that is could be years down the line, ha ha!

I'm hoping Killer 7 will be my next 'big play', as I had th disc resurfaced a couple of days ago. Of course you know I'll let you know what I'm playing!

Thanks for stopping by!

blondejon said...

burnout was a fantastic series and i love the psp versions, burnout paradise was a bit meh for me, it didnt bring anything new to the table, so im off out to have a rumage round for B£ in my local block buster right now

fatherkrishna said...

As I said in the post, my only real experience of Burnout was on the DS (and that was pretty cool). To play it on the big screen is a real treat. Oh and a price of £3.33 helps the enjoyment as well.