Monday, December 22, 2008

St. Nuno

Wow! Has it been over a month since I last posted here? I shamefully know it has been. After my recent shoulder dislocation, I kind of slumped. Not only have I neglected my posting duties, but I've kind of dropped out of the blogosphere in an Elderly type of way.

I haven't posted, and even more shamefully than that, I've neglected to even check out or comment on my fellow blogger's blogs. If I'm honest, I kind of slumped after my injury, having two months off work and slipping into a routine of staying up all night, drinking loads , sleeping all day and vegetating in front of the TV.

Sure, I've played a bit, including Fifa 2007, Call Of Duty 4 and Ninja Gaiden on the DS, Condemned and GTA IV on the 360, God Of War on the PS2, but mostly it's been endless rounds of Maury Povitch, Jerry Springer, Everybody Loves Raymond and King Of Queens on the TV.

So what has kicked my sorry arse into gear? What has inspired me to update this sorry blog? Well peeps, it's all down to one man. One saviour of Portugese proportions. Not only has he discovered a new contributor to both the Dreamcast Junkyard and the Saturn Junkyard, but he has bestowed the most incredible Christmas present on the Krishna household that has arrived in years....

Having waited with baited breath for about three years for the release of Resident Evil 5, checking out every internet snippet, every 360 teaser and video demo, what should pop through my letterbox this afternoon???

Only a fucking playable demo of said game from my hallowed Portugese brother!!! I don't want to blow him up good and proper, 'cos the lovely package I received is in no doubt a tad illegal, but if you are a regular reader of this terribly un-updated missive, you'll know who has furnished me with this terribly exciting CD.

Let's take a snapshot of the moment... December 22, 2008. The postman drops a package through the letter-box. My biggest son, Joe tells me to wake up. (I was snoozing on the sofa at the time, as I have been so many times since mid October...)

I open the envelope and within is a anonymous looking disc with a hand written letter (nice touch Nuno BTW...) I pop it into the Xbox obeying the hand written instructions... Go to the My Games section of the Xbox dashboard and WTF????!!!!! ... I see the RE5 logo and some Japanese gobbleydegook.

Five minutes later, and I'm playing RE5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking hell!!! I'd be a liar if I said that little FK wasn't standing proud at that moment... It was a truly beautiful gaming experience. Me and my three boys were glued to the TV, all edging closer to wrestle the controls from each other.

There was a tangible feeling of excitement as we all competed to play the Shanty Town level as Chris Redfield. If I'm honest, I was the crappest, getting eaten by the infected horde much quicker than my two eldest offspring, but I was having some sort of out of body experience at the time!!!

I'm having some sort of posting epiphony at the moment and could go on and on spilling my guts to you all, but it would be wiser to wrap thi up right now... Suffice to say that Nuno has rescued me from a personal slump of major proportions, and his generosity has pulled a brother back from the brink...

So apart from registering my major gratitude to the man, I'd just like to say that my 2009 resolution will to be a return to the international brotherhood that has meant so much to me since I started blogging!

I love you guys and a Merry Christmas to you all.