Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wii Sports Review...

Wii Sports was the game that I got bundled with the console, and its great for demonstrating its all encompassing 'family'/non-gamer loveliness... Still, it is just that... Like Wii Play its just a game I drag out when I want to show how 'great' the Wii is.... (And BTW I'm not going to review the game I'll leave that to the good folks at IGN in the video above... Suffice to say, tennis and bowling are the ones I enjoy/play the most...)

The Wii was the current gen console I opted for, and yet if I wanted to convince a non-gamer about how great video gaming could be, I'd probably plump for a demonstration of the Dreamcast or the Saturn.

The reasons I opted for the Wii would probably be the initial promo videos, Gnome, J, Junlee and my love for the DS!

It remains the third (or possibly fourth) most played console in my house! The only game that I have battered on the Wii, is a game that I have already enjoyed on the PS2... RE4...
Red Steel rocks, but in no way does it measure up to what it appeared to be when the Wii teasers were posted on the internet...

Now on the other hand, I dipped into the world of the 360 this weekend... I played a demo of Burn Out Revenge for the 360 on my brother-in-law's recently bought console... And it rocked! Graphically gorgeous, heart racingly quick and just a joy to play... the wireless controllers were fully appreciated as well... (why don't all consoles boast these bad boys?)

Oh and BTW... I played the game as a demo, free with a 360 magazine... Why doesn't the Wii have demo games given away with the multitude of Nintendo magazines? We've got N-Gamer, Official Nintendo Magazine and Nintendo Revolution. We've had free posters, DS stickers, sweat bands, badges (buttons) and all manner of free gifts, but no demo discs!!!! WTF is that all about?

Demos for all consoles I've ever played have been free with magazines from Saturn mags, Dreamcast mags, PS1 mags, PS2 mags to the current joy given away with 360 magazines, these things are the best way of enticing you to buy a game....

But for some reason, no Wii demos... I'm actually thinking of staging a Wii 'demo' about the lack of demos! Who's with me? We could start a Revolution! Couldn't Wii?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Father Krishna's Wii-kly Logo!

My very good friend and esteemed blogging brother The Elderly Gamer, has been kind enough to design this rather wonderful logo for FKWS! I'm rather thrilled with it! See me gloriously bedecked in my priest's robes? With the Wii logo in the background? Genius! It will be forever at the top of the FKWS sidebar! But there's another place you can revel in its glory, and that's in the Essential Links section on The Elderly's most stunning of blogs which you can check out right here...

It is a little known fact that I am a genuine man of the cloth! My official title, (as confirmed on my Boots Card), is the Reverend Simon Early. Fancy joining me in my ecumenical brotherhood? It's easy! You can become a reverend, monk or even a bishop! Over the internet no less, and you can do it right here... You'll even receive a certificate that you can print out and put up on your wall. Hey and don't worry! Your religious duties are zero (although I have performed a baptism once!) Its just a bit of fun really! Hell you could even do your dog if you wanted! Anyway! Enjoy your weekend and blessings on you all!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Alien Syndrome Out For The Wii...

Alien Syndrome, Sega's classic arcade "run and gun" adventure has been given a twentieth anniversary make over and release on the Wii. Out today, the new improved Alien Syndrome looks like a rather lovely prospect with plenty of extra terrestrials to blast and a rather foxy heroine in the shape of Lieutenant Aileen Harding.

If you would like to know more, then Sega have produced a rather lovely website which you can check out here... Its got screenshots, videos, character profiles, the works! To catch up on the history of this much loved title theres a rather splendid reference page on Wikipedia which you can look at here...
Oh and to complete your reference point for the game, you can read an IGN preview here...

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Top Twenty Gayest Video game Characters Of All Time!

Browsing for images to illustrate your post can find you some funny sites! Whilst looking for pictures to illustrate my RE 4 post, I came across the following image...

...which I thought was very funny. The source for this post was the rather excellent and highly amusing Gay Gamer website.

Now don't worry readers, I'm not bursting out of the closet with this post! (I'm still a commited heterosexual husband and father...) I am however a very liberal kind of a guy and like to think of myself as unprejudiced, and there's no reason whatsoever why I shouldn't flag up the Gay Gamer website ("for boys who like boys who like joysticks!") as it actually has a lot of good articles, reviews and funny pieces such as the list mentioned above.

One thing about the list that irks me about the list, however, is that my own favourite gay game character Voldo, from Soul Calibur doesn't even make the list! Still he does get an honourable mention! For the full list look here!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Resident Ecstasy!

Well, it took me two weekends to smash RE4 Wii Edition. No walkthroughs and only a little help from 'Ginger' Martin, my 13 year old gaming expert, that I sometimes employ to get me through the most bollock breakingly frustrating parts of games!

And OH! The ecstasy to be found within this title! The awe, the wonder the marvels! You see this game has it all for me. Its a horror survival game. It has elements of a Light Gun game, even though its a third person shooter. Shooting, is a delight and aiming is easy. Heads explode gloriously, and enemies fly back in a most satisfying manner.

You get to solve puzzles, play a mini game... (a rifle range where you can win 'bottle caps', each with a miniature figurine of a game character attached, ... A tad like those damn addictive capsule toys in Shenmue!)

And talking of Shenmue, another common feature to both games is the use of QTEs (or Quick Time Events) that appear at random, and rely on the right Wiimote shaking or A+B button pressing in response to a certain perilous situation. And its got mutants, mutants whose heads explode to reveal a second head, with razor sharp tendrils that can slice you up.

Then theres the pant wettingly scary landscapes and environments, the chilling atmosphere and the oppressive music. Mad monks, in-bred villagers, mutated soldiers, gimp-masked scientists and chainsaw wielding bag ladies! Oh... and did I mention the giants? The monster leviathan like sea creatures, the train rides, the cable car rides, the truck rides, all peppered with psychotic peasants? OH YES!

Then there's our characters... Leon S. Kennedy... Thats right! LEON. S-FUCKING- KENNEDY. Like some rock hard David Beckham (sort of...its the hair!) Leon rules!!!
He's dead cool! He even turns down a shag from the well endowed President's daughter Ashley (after a ball shrinking, sphincter shredding, adrenaline pumping rocket ride on a jet ski whilst avoiding a tidal wave, avalanches and several explosions!!!!) That's 'cos he's in love with Ada Wong!!! (See below...)

What about Salazar? An eighteenth century, decrepit 20 year old, high pitched squealing, midget! Or Ada Wong? A slinky red dress wearing Asian super-spy, with a suspender belt full of gadgetry and weaponry? Or Luiz? A Hispanic, law enforcing, renegade scientist-cop, always after (and failing to get) a coveted cigarette? Or Chief Mendez... the bald headed, beardy, one eyed mutating boss man? Jeez!

OK, rant over! The re-invention of the Resident Evil franchise has been reinvented on the Wii!
Wiimote and Nunchuck have never felt so natural. There are plenty of chances of weapon upgrades (thanks to our good mate, gravel voiced Australian flasher, the Merchant), tons of health regeneration, generous save potential, luscious graphics and sound track, spine chilling atmosphere and treasures galore to be collected.

Gamecube owners were the first to get their hands on this amazing game. PS2 owners got the revamped and upgraded version, with the unlockable Ada Wong missions, ("Separate Ways") -which not only allows you to continue roaming the RE4 world when you've clocked the game, but also allows you to understand what Ada was up to when she disappeared from the main storyline- and now Wii owners have the opportunity to revel once more with the oh so natural Wii control system!

If you own a GC, a PS2 or a Wii, you must play this game. I still rate Shenmue 1 & 2 as my favourite games of all time, but I'm no longer sure why! So many things contribute to a person's enjoyment of a game...

The Dreamcast became an obsession of mine through playing Shenmue. Shenmue, became an obsession of mine because I owned a Dreamcast! The two things have become such a major part of my life, and have generated so much pleasure, that they are the pinnacle of my gaming experience!

However, RE4 has got to be the most playable game I have ever experienced for all the right reasons...

"Little Mart", (middle Ginger), was so encapsulated by the snippets of RE4 Wii that I let him complete for me, that he started, and played through, the PS2 version in 17 hours unlocking EVERY treasure, secret and mystery...

I'm not making any sense whatsoever, and I could just keep on rambling, but the PC screen is giving me a headache and I need to stop. I've still got to add pics and links, so I'll sign off now!

Oh! and for a coherent review look here... For screenshots look here... And for some lovely RE 4 videos look here...

Goodnight dear children wherever you are!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Why PS3 is better than the Wii and 360...(And why Chad Warden is such a dick...) LOL!

No words can describe the above rant. Watch in horror...

Chad Warden Confesses That He's Gay

Chad you poor fool! Apart from talking through your arse in the video above, you laid yourself open to this rather hilarious remixing of your original post! Perhaps you shouldn't have used the words 'ass', 'dildo' and 'Chad Warden' so much in one video?
LOL! :)

The Video The Dreamcast Junkyard Doesn't Want You To See!

OK I've posted the whole Chad Warden debacle up bove right? Well this was Anthony Perez's response to the whole Chad affair... Since he posted it, he himself has received a lot of stick for being no better than Chad. But there is ONE BIG DIFFERENCE. Anthony is using all his fake wannabe Gangsta skills to big up the Dreamcast! Therefore he automatically deserves our respect right? WRONG! My colleagues over at The Dreamcast Junkyard were so apalled at me posting this video, that they had it removed! You can't keep the good Father down that easily however, and so here it is with the originals that spawned it on FKWS! Enjoy!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Wii Blaster with Umbrella Chronicles

Wow! A big thanks to my good friend Deitrix for unearthing this treasure! I can hardly believe how great this is! Recently I bemoaned the fact that whilst I was looking forward to Umbrella Chronicles and enjoying the delights of RE4 Wii edition, the titles needed a light gun peripheral to really enjoy the game... (In fact I think the unfortunate phrase I came up with to illustrate this point was "there's nothing like a smoking light gun to get you hard...").

But this? It's gotta be the most exciting peripheral since the Dreamcast Microphone! Look at its beauty, the sublime design, the way it looks like the Wiimote and Nunchuck were just made for it!

The shot of the couple with the huge TV in the background, made me think of the arcade cabinet of House Of The Dead 4. I'm always looking for an arcade experience at home, and this is surely going to deliver!!

The Resident Evil Gun Survivor series was greeted with a very lukewarm response. I actually loved it! I bought RE:CV Gun Survivor with a Namco G-Con 2 Light Gun after seeing my first clip of Umbrella Chronicles. The excitement it caused on me necessitated the purchase! And its a good game! But Umbrella Chronicles with the Wii Blaster, will eclipse it a thousand times!!!

I even love the name! Wii Blaster! I think games like this are the perfect antidote to the sickly sweet "family play" image that has made the Wii the run away success that it is.

Scarface, Manhunt 2, RE4 and now this... Great stuff! BTW my posting output should increase over the coming weeks as the best feature of my job kicks in... The SIX weeks holidays! (formerly known as the Summer Holidays, the recent British torrential months have taken the concept of summer away...) This means I can play games and tap away at my keyboard without feeling guilty about it!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oh my God! The predictablility of a certain Father...

Well, guess what, the inevitable has happened... I bought RE4 (Wii Edition) tonight...
I say bought... In fact I traded in Spiderman 3 and Monster 4X4 to secure my most coveted of games... What a fucking rip off! Those two titles would set you back about £80 if you bought them new... and yet for pre-owned trade in they generated £32 (in total) at Game! Wankers!

Still, I've played RE4 Wii a bit and it ROCKS!

Same old, wonderful, RE4, but with nice intuative Wii controls! Marvellous!

You know you're gonna here more about this in the future... watch this space!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fresh Prince of San Andreas! (Spoof!)

I hate the GTA franchise, but I think that this is genius! Enjoy!