Friday, August 08, 2008

Cheering Myself Up

Well I never did resolve my faux pas (see below), so unfortunately there is no happy ending to the sad tale of this week. Still, life goes on and so I've been trying to think of thing to cheer myself up.
The first thing that springs to mind is my family. I've had a really nice day with Mrs. K and my three lovely sons, Joe (16), Marty, (14) and little Ted, (10). My family (extended family and friends) are the best thing in my life, and really, whilst I have them, I'm the luckiest man in the world.

Next, it's you guys out there. Junlee, J, Funnyman, Nebacha, Sonnyboy, Gnome, Koobs, Caleb, BJ, Mikey... (and anyone else I've left out)...You're my virtual penpals. What's so great about our friendships and correspondence is that unlike some of those 'real life' friends out there, we will never fall out or get mixed messages.

Though we can't go out for a beer, or play a few videogames together (with the exception of Nuno!) we aren't going to see each other enough to get into the horrible situation I experienced this week... And believe me, you mean a lot to this old bastard!

Next, I'm going away on holiday for THREE WEEKS tomorrow!!! For those of you who don't know, I have a static caravan in Wales. This is what my friends in the US would call a trailer. A complete vacation 'home from home'. It's on a site in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, with amazing mountains, beautiful countryside and a fabulous coastline, historic castles, millenia old megaliths, gorgeous beaches where seals and dolphins swim. And I'm there for three weeks!

I'm taking my 360 and PS2, and Treamcast so there's loads of time for gaming! Then there is this wonderful video (below) that makes me laugh and laugh!

So all in all, the glass is ALWAYS half full, not half empty. Life goes on and good times are always around the corner. I love you my blogosphere bretheren. I'm also taking my laptop away so I'll still be keeping in touch with you all.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Three Amigos... Till Shit Happens

About a month ago, my friend from University phoned me up and said he was going to come up and visit me during my vacation. We lived together as room mates for three years, we went to Amsterdam and the Glastonbury festival together, got stoned together and once walked the 25 miles from Manchester to Wigan together, Suffice to say we were tight. I hadn't seen him for like eleven years and I thought that was it.

But when he got in touch I was so pleased. Now we spoke, and he said he was going to come up from London with his son, and stay with me, on what in my mind, was the FOURTH of August. I stayed in all day waiting for him to knock at my house, but he didn't arrive. I tried to find his phone number but couldn't.

I checked my messages, tried to find his phone number on my computer, but could get nothing. I assumed he'd thought better of it. The next day I went out to visit friends, and today went to visit my parents in Liverpool. When I returned home there was a message on my phone to say it was him, he had come up on the FIFTH. I felt so bad.

There were definitely some 'crossed wires' there. I was sure it was the fourth, he must have said the fifth. We hadn't exchanged mobile numbers, I could not find his number, the whole thing was a disaster. I have sat in my house for two weeks nearly, but on the day he came I wasn't there.

He had paid money to come the two hundred miles from London to Manchester, expecting to stay the night with me. I wasn't there. I've tried to phone him to apologise but there is no answer. I feel like a right cunt. It's really got me down and I'm sure thats one more friend from my past that is gone forever. (At Christmas, I fell out with my best friend of 25 years, Godfather to my son Joe and the other guy that lived with me and the one I'm writing about now when we were at Uni.) Twenty years ago we were the three amigos. I think I've managed to erase the final trace of that this week.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Soul Calibur 4

Hurrah! I just got Soul Calibur IV today and it's an absolute joy to play... Yoda's even cool and I didn't think I'd particularly like him! In fact he's the character I've used the most both on and offline. Playing online is an absolute blast... I now need my good friend Nebacha to get the game and repeat our epic battles on Virtua Fighter 5, only this time with weapons!

To celebrate my joy, I've decided to post a lot of pictures of my beloved Ivy. If the truth were told, I've spent an unhealthy amount of time 'customising' her outfit this afternoon! LOL! (There's a touch of Funnyman in all of us...)

For more information about this epic game look here!

Now for the eye candy...