Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gangster Trippin'

Well here goes! I'll post a couple of videos of my favourite music that you'll probably hate. The first, Gangster Trippin' is a Fatboy Slim tune that you've probably never heard of. If I had to walk into the ring as a boxer, (like Ricky Hatton - see previous post) This would be my signiature tune. What makes it especially great (to me) is that the vocals are provided by my old friend MC Tunes, a Manchester rapper that was one of the first UK rappers that had a top ten hit...

The second video is a Fatboy Slim tune that might be more familiar, seeing as it has the legendary Christopher Walken in the video...

Both great tunes, I hope you enjoy them both... But you probably won't.

Again, enjoy!!!

My Week Off

I'm really lucky on this blog. Lovely people visit it and leave comments on it even though I don't update it regularly, write bollocks and post music that they don't like. Last week I promised that I'd get posting and that those posts would be worthy of reading.

Well it's a week later, I've added nothing to the blog and there is nothing worth reading. I've drunk every night this week and then spent a large part of the week in bed (I do believe I have to catch up after seven weeks of eighteen hour days though...)

It's been a great week though, I've thoroughly enjoyed myself! I've played lots of games, watched some excellent films and television and spent quality time with friends and family! I've eaten out twice, been to the pub twice, watched Ricky Hatton (Manchester boxer) triumph in his home coming fight and got very romantic with Mrs. K.

So firstly, the films! Well I'll only tell you about two, but what stellar films they are...

Number one: Blade Runner. Based on the novel "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?", Blade Runner is the epic film from director Ridley Scott, starring Harrison Ford as a 'Blade Runner', a specialist cop in 2019 LA, whose job it is to 'retire' killer robots known as 'replicants', virtually indistinguishable from humans. The plot of the film is sublime, but is eclipsed by the cinematography, soundtrack and above all the vision of a future metropolis, all hover cars, giant moving billboards, decaying art deco buildings, a very Japan influenced America and techno punks. Subtle references to the present such as product placement (especially Atari! - how wrong they were!!!) antiquated American gas guzzlers and even the Hare Krishnas jostling down the street make it so cool. 10/10!

Secondly: Twelve Monkeys. It's hard to know where to start with this time travelling, mind bending, paranoid psychosis inducing epic, but it's a trip and no mistake... Directed by Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python fame) and featuring stunning performances from Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, the film tells of an apocalyptic future where five billion people have been wiped out by a virus spread by the mysterious 'Army Of The Twelve Monkeys'.

Bruce is sent back in time to find information on the army and get a sample of the virus before it mutates. Of course when he arrives in the past,spouting his futuristic babble, he's slammed straight in the nuthouse. This is where he meets Brad Pitt, who gives an Oscar deserving performance as a well erm... loon. If I wrote all night I couldn't explain it, so have a look at this lovely wikipedia page.

In terms of TV, I caught loads of episodes of my favourite TV shows, Everybody Loves Raymond, Malcolm In The Middle, South Park, Family Guy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Futurama, Simpsons, Maury Povitch and Jerry Springer. YES! I love trash TV!!!

Games? Hmmm... Since you asked, it goes like this... After a late birthday present (cash) from my parents I was able to buy myself the following games...

1.) Dead Rising- Capcom produced zombie-fest loosely based on George A. Romero's 'Dawn Of The Dead'. The game is great looking and although I've not played that far into it, it looks great.

What's not to like about a mall full of zombies with '72 hours' to waste them and uncover whatever it was that caused the outbreak? Wanna know more? Look here...

2.) Dead Or Alive 4 - Originally this title raised it's head on the Saturn and provided a great alternative to Virtua Fighter. It was a solid fighting game that introduced brilliant characters, all American stereotype's who speak pure Japanese! The size of the female protagonist's breasts (huge) was a bonus (huge!!!), as was the destructible environments and two tier fighting arenas. The current gen incarnation rocks and at only £10 represents my best purchase!

3.) Viking- Battle For Asgard. Hmm.. This Sega produced opus has stunning graphics, an amazing musical score and a huge free roaming environment. But it hasn't grabbed me yet. However, it got the thumbs up from my Portugese homie Nebacha and I trust his opinion totally, so I'll wait for it to 'grab me by the booboo!!'

Talking of Nebacha and great gaming, today saw the second clash between myself and Nuno on VF5 online. This time it was pretty evenly matched! We showed up as Kage (me) and Akira (Nebacha) and we'd both gone to the trouble of donning new costumes! LOL!

It became a 'family affair' when I said hello to Nebacha's mum over headphones and Nuno played VF5 with my youngest son Ted!

So there you have it!! A great week and hopefully a post of some substance! Now all I need to do is get me and BJ playing VF5 online and post some more music you don't like and my work here is done!!!! Peace out my brothers!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tattoo You

I'm feeling lazy about posting at the moment, I've got one day left in my school before the half term break and the kids and head teacher are doing my head in. Consequently, I've only had one night this week without drinking and my posting skills are depleted.

So, I'll post some video of the awesome Wii title, Ghost Squad and the stellar Sega Superstars Tennis for the DS, my two newest games. Oh and since I'm feeling lots of Sega love, here's a rather lovely Sonic tattoo pinched off the awesome UK Resistance. Now I've promised myself that my next tattoo will be Sega related tattoo, but I'm not sure I'll go this far. Why not nip over to UKR right now? They've also printed two pictures I sent them, which I'm rather thrilled about.

I've got nine days off, so I'll promise more posts and make them good ones for a change! Cheers!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Duffy... Warwick Avenue

Yet more proof that the UK has far more talent than drug addled Amy Whinewhore, here's Duffy. She's Welsh too! Come on!

Sweet About Me

This has to be my favourite tune of the moment. If any proof was needed that we don't need that skanky crack ho 'Amy Shithouse' for good music, then this is it. Listen and enjoy.

Clash Of The Titans...

(this is just a re-hash of a post I did on the Saturn Junkyard, but I figured there are a couple of people here that would never see it over there, so here it is...)

Well, it had to happen sooner or later! At last, me and Nebacha have finally met on Xbox Live to battle it out in Virtua Fighter 5. Ladies and gentlemen... In the Blue corner, representing the nation of Portugal and fighting as Akira we have the mighty Nebachadnezzar! In the Red corner, representing the United Kingdom and fighting as Kage we have the old and slightly knackered Father Krishna!

After five fights (each bout the best of three) the results were... Father 4 - Nebacha 1! It was a great laugh, and the best part was getting to talk to my good friend Nebacha at last. The only snag for both of us was a horrible lag on the game, making the fighters movements incredibly jerky and also making conversation difficult. Still we had our first online exchange and I hope there will be many more.

It was a total novelty for me to win, as I usually get my ass kicked in online battles with VF5 experts and I enjoyed the feeling of victory...

In the end I had to call a halt to the battle, as Mrs. K had got my dinner ready. Not very Ninja-like I know, but hey! You don't cross Mrs. K when she's been slaving over a hot stove all evening! LOL!

The fights went pretty much like the one above, just without the fancy costumes or fancy moves. Maybe one day we'll have the technology to film one of our battles and get it up on the SJY... We could even have a weekly league!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hello To Halo...

Having sons can be very beneficial to an old Father. My youngest, Little Ted has just got into console gaming. Before now, he was very much into his World Of Warcraft. But having completed COD 4, he's decided he wants to explore the world of Halo 3, having played it at a friends. He's been doing chores all week to 'earn' enough credit with his dad, for me to buy him a copy.

So we went to Game today to get him a pre-owned copy, for the not too shabby price of £14.99. In return he gave me a £15 voucher for HMV that he received for Christmas off his uncle. So in a sense, I paid nothing for it. I've had him doing housework, I've got a voucher that I can use to buy music, games or DVDs and I've got a copy of Halo 3 which I can play myself! Happy days!

So far this year, between the family, we've got every significant 360 title... Bioshock, Gears Of War, Mass Effect, GTA4 and now Halo 3. Considering this time last year I only had my Saturn, Dreamcasts and PS2 to game on, I've slipped into the current gen pretty well.

I'm still in love with No More Heroes on the Wii at the moment. The game just goes from strength to strength. Within the game is a mini-game, a rather lovely shmup by the name

of 'Pure White Giant Glastonbury' which you can play at any time simply by turning on the TV at Travis's appartment! This is an unlockable feature that you can access as you progress through the game... My progress is tootling along nicely and I'm now the number 3 ranked assassin in Santa Destroy! I urge you to find a means of playing this stellar game by hook or by crook! In the mean time enjoy this video from the game by imaginary Santa Destroy favourites, the Genki Rockets.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lovely Resident Evil Bundle... 'Resident Evil Essentials'

For those of you who own a PS2 or comapatable PS3 and are lucky enough to live in the US, our good friends at Capcom have got a nice little present for you! For less than thirty bucks you can pick up this lovely Resident Evil bundle. The game pack contains two of my favourite ever games: RE:CV and RE4. OK RE: Outbreak wasn't quite so great (I've never completed it, but do own it) but the other two are classics...
Here's what you get for your money...

Available Platforms:Playstation®2

Resident Evil® Outbreak: The outbreak has begun. You have only moments to spare before Raccoon City erupts into complete virus-infested chaos. Play as one of the eight survivors, online cooperatively or offline, against crushing zombie hordes!

Resident Evil® Code Veronica® X:Welcome to Rockfort Island, private isle of Umbrella Corp and home to the beauteous Spencer Mansion and Ashford Family Palace. Too bad the inhabitants aren't very hospitable...

Resident Evil® 4 Take the role of Leon S. Kennedy as he investigates the abduction of the President’s daughter, leading him to a mysterious European location where unimaginable horrors await!
Not bad eh? I'd definitely pick this up if I were you!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Just For Deitrix... A Gayer Video Than The Last One...

When my good friend Deitrix throws down the (leather) gauntlet like that, I just have to find him something gayer... And here it is! I absolutely love this band and this tune! I used to play it all the time in the car to my kidz. When the music died down to the ultimate lull, I'd shout to them "Have you had enough? Or do you want some more?!!" They'd always reply, "More!"

Then I'd rock their world with more homo-erotic rock. Between that and allowing them to play Grand Theft Auto from an early age, I guess my parenting skills would register under 'dubious'...

LOL! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

They Don't Really Care About Us...

I (along with Junlee) love the damaged, former superstar, that is Michael Jackson. I thought I owned and had seen everything he had ever produced... I just 'Youtubed' one of my favourite MJ tracks and found this! I've never seen this, but considering that Mike obviously equated his (not necessarily) unfounded police investigations into his questionable lifestyle, with the plight of the disproportionate amount of black males incarcerated in the US is further proof of his self delusion... Discuss!

Just in case Mike is a regular reader of FK's Wiikly sermons, I've got a message for him... Mike, I love you, get yo' shit together rapid!!!

No More Heroes Review & Trailer