Monday, December 03, 2007

This One's For Me And Junlee!

Way across the pond lives my adopted ginger son, Junlee. He owns and (is the author of) the most fabulous and excellent blog, Junlee Presents.

Want to know more? Well pay him a visit! You love Harry Potter, Nintendo and the Wii? You own a Dreamcast, but never really checked out it's full potential? Want to know more about being an undergraduate and Walmart employee in the Evil Empire?

Want to know about eating possum, Confederacy, and dancing around to Cajun music, whilst calling everybody "y'all"?

Want to know more about Kingdom Hearts and Michael Jackson? About having ginger genes and *cough!* red hair?

There's only one place to go! You guessed it Junlee Presents! ;)


Junlee said...

:D :D :D!!!!!!!!

WOW FatherK! I'm touched!!! *sheds a tear*

You did all this for little ole' me!

Now I have to come over there, you, J, and BJ need to get it crackin' with "Don't Stop Tell You Get Enough" in the background, with J throwing in a rhyme by Black Mack.

And of course, we can throw some metal in there for BJ! ;)

I don't know how I'll be able top this FatherK!

*shed another tear* I sure am proud to be your adopted son!

fatherkrishna said...

T'was a pleasure dear boy! I have gotten a bit slack with my comments and visits to other blogs these days.

That's partly because I'm actually playing games instead of just writing about playing games, partly because I'm having to do more school work at home and partly because I'm shite!
LOL! :)

But I'll make an effort to visit more often! And I'll throw a link up here on Wii-kly Sermons!