Sunday, December 16, 2007

Super Mario 64

The latest download action on my Wii has been at the behest of youngest Ginger, Ted. He tells me that at some point during his birthday celebrations, I promised I'd download Super Mario 64 on the Virtual Console. I have no memory of this whatsoever, and thus with gritted teeth and a hemorrhaging credit card, I parted with an outrageous £7 to procure this particular title, which would inevitably remain largely unplayed (by me) and serve to eat up my Wii's memory.

But hey! I've loved watching both Ted and middle ginger (gaming Ninja) Martin, eat this particular title up! I've loved them jumping through pictures in Peach's castle to access new lands and levels! I've loved them running around and jumping up and down and squashing things, I've loved all of that quirky Miyamoto macic!

The visuals are sublime, the musical score is delicious and the little snippets of gameplay I've enjoyed have been pure 3D platforming fun.

Enjoy the pics and video! Oh and BTW I'm never going to download another Sega title on the Virtual Console again... I've got every Master System/Game Gear and Megadrive/Genesis title ever made emulated on three lovely discs that will play deliciously on my Dreamcast! (Courtesy of the most amazing Gary! Click on the proceeding link.... He can give you the most amazing stuff!! Look here!
Anything Dreamcast JUST ASK!

Fuck you Nintendo! Fuck you and you're exorbitant download prices... I've already got a NES emulation disc for my Dreamcast, so Nintendo can pucker up and plant one on my rusty sherrif's badge...

My retro gaming lifestyle has just taken on a new dimension...

Happy days!! Anyway, Ive just rambled off topic (it's a common failing of mine...) but if you want to know more about Super Mario 64, check out the links below... Oh BTW the eternally fucking outrageously annoying entity that is Blogger won't let me hit you with any images right now, hopefully the video will happen! I MOTHERFUCKING hate Blogger!!!!!

Super Mario 64 At Wikipedia
Super Mario At IGN
Super Mario Walkthrough


NebachadnezzaR said...

This sure is an amazing game. I'm still waiting to have to money to buy a boxed one for my N64.

J said...

Show Ted you really love him and buy him a copy of Super Mario Galaxy.


Junlee said...

^^^FA SHO!!!!

But yeah, you sound like a cool ass dad FatherK!

The Elderly said...

(old man tip toes into blog, leaves a suspiciously familiar bottle shaped xmas pressi under the rather substantial under the virtual Christmas tree...leaves....)

The Elderly said...

(old man tip toes back in and takes a bite out of Rudolphs carrot...leaves...)

fatherkrishna said...

*FK rugby tackles Elderly, then scoops him up for a great big hug!*

Elderly!! Merry Christmas dear heart! So very fantastic to see you!! We thought we'd lost you forever!!!

*FK hastily grabs Elderly's beautifully wrapped Boby Darin CD box set from under the virtual tree!* :) :) :) :) :)