Thursday, March 12, 2009

Michael Jackson Live

Incredibly, much to the surprise of his fans, when it looked like he was going to disappear forever, Michael Jackson is playing some live concerts, here in the UK. Tickets "go on sale" tomorrow (13.03.09), although all tickets for each of the 10 shows at the O2 Arena in London, are sold out due to "pre-sales".

I'm gutted! I would love to see MJ perform, but the chances of me getting a ticket for under £300 (if I am able to get one at all,) are very remote. He has announced another 10 dates, but they will be equally difficult to get hold of! It's so frustrating to be so geographically near to the venue of his first live appearances in years, and yet have little chance of fulfilling my ambition to see it!

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Junlee said...

I was waiting for this post from you! :)

MJ looked a mess (when doesn't he?), but he sounded good and healthy at least. I've extremely interested to see how these turn out. Does he still got it at 50? We shall see. If all turns out well, then I will be very happy for him. God knows we haven't seen him shut down the stage in a looooooooong time.