Thursday, March 26, 2009

Catching Up

My posting has gotten rather erratic again, largely due to a lot of game-playing. Oh and I've gone back to work (half days) so I guess I've had less time than I envisaged. Apologies for the lack of updates and thanks for still dropping in here!

Back To work!
As stated above, I finally dragged my cardialogically challenged ass back into work. It was good to be back and the support from my colleagues (especially my boss) has been overwhelming. Unfortunately , in 2009, one of my target children has been permanently excluded from the school three months before he would have left for high school and a second has suffered the most awful trauma. Again. The poor kid has faced having to go through the process of fleeing a war zone with his family (age 4), growing up without his father, who is in prison for rape (seven years so far), moving from housing project to housing project because of harassment from neighbours, a mother who is (understandably) depressed and most recently the death of his grandmother, who committed suicide by pouring petrol on herself and setting it alight. Kind of gives you a perspective on your own troubles doesn't it?

One of the last things I did before going back to work, was go out on a Tuesday afternoon to the cinema with Mrs. K. We went to see Watchmen. I thought it was a stunning film and enjoyed every aspect of it. Despite having dipped in and out of the graphic novel, I'd never read it properly so it had no bearing on my opinion of the film. I thought the acting was excellent throughout, the plot was superb (if not a tad confusing at times) action sequences and fight scenes were brilliant. The musical score and particularly the songs chosen for the movie, were completely integral to the atmosphere of the film. The cinematography was technically excellent and well executed. my favourite characters were Rorshach and The Comedian. A tad worrying perhaps!? For a well written and considered review of the film, check out what Junlee has to say about it, here.

PS2 Love
Recently, (since finishing God Of War actually,) I've just been feeling loads of love for the PS2. I have bought Tomb Raider Anniversary (Special edition - three disc pack featuring: the game, -Tomb Raider Anniversary development/'making of' documentary- DVD- and soundtrack CD.
All this in a nice presentation box which only cost me £4 (pre-owned) in the Blockbuster sale.
I've played the first couple of levels and it is a stunning looking and very playable title. I can compare it to the Saturn original as it's the only other Tomb Raider game I've ever played properly, which adds to the whole experience. Overall the game celebrates Lara's legacy very well!
I also picked up Headhunter, Code Veronica X, and Yakuza 2. When you factor in Kingdom Hearts - which I swear I will finish this year - and DMC 1 & 3, the PS2 is going to get a lot of action in the Krishna household this year.

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
I bought this for me and the, boys after beating my son Joe in a hard fought race, on a demonstration stand in the local HMV. The game was displayed on a 50" High Def flat screen TV with surround sound speakers. It looked gorgeous! I've not played it since we got it home, but it has all the ingredients of a classic arcade racer that me and the boys can play competitively for an afternoon every once in a while.

Gears Of War 2:
I'm slipping this in mid-post without any fanfare, because that's how it slipped into my gaming life. My middle son Martin had borrowed it from a friend, but not played it. The game had sat, neglected under the TV for a couple of months. I was in my usual 'post game completion indecisive stage' after finishing Headhunter and couldn't decide what I wanted to play. On a whim I stuck GOW2 into the 360 and then chugged happily and easily through it over the next few days. I thought it as enjoyable as the first in terms of playability and visuals, but I'm just not as drawn in by the characters or plot as I could be. Consequently, I'll play Gears 3, but won't be chomping at the bit for it's release date... In terms of sheer shooting/carnage induced pleasure, however, it's great!

Resident Evil 5 Co-Op:
Well I've played a couple of sessions with random strangers online, notching up quite a few levels and achievements along the way. On one session I was guiding a new guy who was playing for the first time. In the next, I was being guided by a guy who knew where every obscure 'easter egg' was. Conversation over the headset was almost strictly reserved to the game, but was nevertheless pleasant. We even had rest spots, such as 'tea breaks' that were mutually agreed to, and built into the play time! So that was all good. I've also started a file playing co-op with my little son and I'm enjoying that. But overall, I enjoyed playing the solo campaign more. I've yet to play online with a friend though, so if anyone fancies a session, drop me an email and we'll arrange it!

I've remembered why I loved the Wii...

I'd become completely bored of my Wii and had banished it from the "little" living room, up stairs to the kid's rooms... It was most recently residing in my son's sock draw, underplayed and unloved.
After completing RE5 however, and needing a further 'Resi fix'... Umbrella Chronicles!!
I hitched up the Wii to the biggest TV in the house, in the less used, but much nicer, "big" living room. WOW! I loved everything about the experience... The sound it made when it came on , the menu screen, all the great retro game downloads it has on it, the way the controls felt and responded. I also remembered just what a fantastic game Umbrella chronicles is... Even as good as Resi 5? Just may be!

Anyway folks, it's getting late and my keyboard looks like it's in need of new batteries. Typing is becoming quite frustrating, as letters keep getting missed out of words, so I'll sign off for now!
I've one huge (for me life-changing!) piece of news I've not mentioned, so come back soon, OK? :) Take care my brothers!


Junlee said...

Thanks for the shoutout father!!! And I'm glad to see you posting again.

Oh btw, I'm quite happy right now. I've had a few beers and some woodchuck, so all is well right now! AND I finally got a job. More on that whenever I decide to post on it, lol.

fatherkrishna said...

Congratulations on the job! Enjoy the beers! WTF is woodchuck????

Junlee said...

It's a very tasty draft cider! :D

fatherkrishna said...

Aaah! Cider! Damn it's been nearly three months since I had a drink. Bollocks!

FUNNYMAN said...

Did you really think Gears 2 is better than the original? You should play horde mode and see if you change your mind.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Glad to have you back! :) That was a long, interesting read, so it kind of made up for the lack of activity :P

BTW, what console do you play RE5 on?