Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oasis: The Shock Of The Lightning

I may have been a tad ambiguous in the past on FKWS, about my feelings for this band. I think my last post that had any reference to Oasis was slagging off band main man Noel , for making inane comments on video games and violence.

To my American audience, this band maybe an unknown quantity. To my UK readers, love 'em or hate 'em , they are perhaps the biggest musical phenomenon to come out of the UK for years...

Opinion on the band is quite divided. Personally I think they are the most excellent UK musical output since the Beatles or The Sex Pistols. Interestingly enough, the band (or more significantly lead singer, Liam) suffuse those two influences quite succinctly.

I'm inches away from knowing these guys... "Inches away..." you say Father K? "Well do you know 'em or don't you?"

Weee....ellll... no... But one of my best friends, Neil, grew up with them in Manchester. He's in one of their videos! This has lead to me having a personal message and autograph from lead singer Noel, and almost getting to know them!

Neil has offered me the chance to meet them TWICE! but I've not been able to... for various SHITE reasons... You have to put into your mind, that the band or artist you would most like to meet in your life were willing to meet you, then imagine that a close friend could make that a possibility for you, but then for whatever reason... *please insert your own shit excuse* you couldn't....


I'm still hoping that one day me and the guys will hang or chill... until then I'll just hit you with you with their latest single... Which I think is fucking great!


Mikey4u1984 said...

Oasis? um... yeah well... umm...

Well atleast now you can let eh have it for bashing out video game violence.

If you need any help I can assist you, I will distract his many groupies by inviting them to a hotel room and keeping them pre occupied while you can kick his ass.

NebachadnezzaR said...

"the biggest musical phenomenon to come out of the UK for years"

"the most excellent UK musical output since the Beatles or The Sex Pistols"

Wouldn't that be Iron Maiden...? ^^

Lol, sorry Father, I couldn't help myself.

That thing of almost meeting them sucks, though, but just ask Neil again, I'm sure that in the long run you'll have another opportunity...just to blow it again with some shite...xD

Oh, and I'll help mikey with the groupies and the hotel...

DEITRIX said...

I listened to these guys in high school many years ago. I never heard much from them over here in the US after that... Would have been mid to late 90's.

Random J said...

I don't like Oasis' new song at all and don't think their album is all that good. I know I'm going to catch flack, but I think the dudes are overrated. I do love "Wonderwall" though. No matter how pissed I am I can sing that song verbatim!

A little un-related, but the video of Noel getting pushed off stage by a random guy in Canada was funny.