Monday, April 27, 2009

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles (Wii)

I've not really found anything to really suck me in gaming-wise since finishing Resident Evil 5. My immediate reaction to finishing it, was to play Umbrella Chronicles on the Wii, which reminded me of how good, both the game (and perhaps more importantly,) the console are. The idea of an 'on-rails' light-gun game having as much content and game-play as a standard Resi game was a novel one. It is a format I have found compelling to play on a regular basis since I bought it, although total completion of the title is something that still eludes me!

You can imagine my joy at finding out there is to be a sequel, the hotly anticipated RE: Darkside Chronicles, which re-works the events of RE2 in a 'current gen' format for the first time. Having enjoyed RE Code Veronica, RE Dead Aim, RE: Outbreak File #.2 and Umbrella Chronicles, I'm very excited to see another RE 'offshoot' so soon after RE5.
Oh, and as well as Leon S. Kennedy in his S.T.A.R.S incarnation, you'll also be able to play as Claire Redfield and Ada Wong! Woot!

Actually, Capcom might be single-handedly ensuring the Wii becomes the most used console in my house, with the announcement that RE: Zero and the simply stunning remake of the original Resident Evil for Gamecube getting a repackaging for the Wii - with motion controls as they did for Resident Evil 4! That could see me locked into the RE experience on the Wii in one way or another for the next year! The games are being packaged together (as House Of The Dead II and III were for their Wii-welease) as Resident Evil: Archives.


gnome said...

Definitely looks the part and -as your suggestion of Umbrella Chronicles helped me understand- light gun games are just brilliant on the Wii.

fatherkrishna said...

Glad you've enjoyed UC Gnome! I guess this is just the next installment in the series, but will have taken a lot more development, as Capcom recycled a lot of code from RE, RE:0 and RE Outbreak File for that project.

The original re-imagining of RE2 is something I'm very excited about!

gnome said...

I seem to hear its the best of the franchise quite a lot...