Friday, April 24, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

Biff! Bang! Pow! The world's naughtiest rapper, that most skilful of lyricists and twister of verse, Eminem is soon to release his new album (see the countdown on the side bar!) . Here's the superb "We made you", containing the most wonderful rhyming couplet
"Wowsers! I just made
a mess in my trousers!"

It brings a tear to the eye doesn't it? See how many 'celebrities' you can spot!


Junlee said...

*shows sad face* I want the OLD Eminem back!!!!! The video is funny, but this new style of his isn't doing it for me. It's like he's a got a new twang or something in his voice ever since he made "Encore". It's just all a little too silly for me.

Here's to hoping I get proven wrong with the new album.

blondejon said...

not good, i concur with the other jon lee, he just sounds like hes f**king about with a silly voice

ok i wants some tips on ps3 goodness now i have decided to embrace the shiny side of life ( mines so very very shiny)

Sonny Boy said...

Did you ever hear the Chris Moyles version of that one about the fan who drove the car off the hill (or something) Father? It was very funny.

Nice to see you back!

fatherkrishna said...

Ah dear Junlee! As with "Encore" Em is mixing up his styles... 'Crack A Bottle' with Dre and 50 was very different and more of the Marshall Mathers we know. 'Relapse' seems to be a return to his 'Jason' mask and chainsaw days, plus it's over one of the sickest Eastern-style R & B beats... (Although he does do silly voices on it with a weird cod 'Jamaican' accent LOL!)If there was a video with it I'd put it up. Thanks for dropping by, I always say this, but I'll try and keep my posting more regular.

Ah BJ! Tips for PS3 goodness? Motorstorm! The only PS3 exclusive I've played and full of Arcade goodness! I've also tentatively played the first couple of levels of Condemned 2, which is rather excellent, but not an exclusive... I've yet to explore the PSN's selections of PS1 titles... BTW I looked for you on Facebook... What should I search?

Mr. Sonnyboy! I always get a kick out of seeing you here! Heard the Moyles version of Lily Allen's 'Fear' which i thought was very clever, but not the Em parody... I catch about 15 minutes of the show every day on my way to work! I love it! If Chris goes (as has been rumored, I'm switching to Radio 2 or Rock Radio...

blondejon said...

you think you got problems, i tried searching for father krishna....

search for Jon Lee (yes we both have exactly the same name) if you see a photo of a blonde dude on stage with a scarf/mic stand over his head its me ;-)

gnome said...

Hey, you are back again dear Father!

Junlee said...

As far as PS3 games go BJ, you should already understand my love for Metal Gear Solid 4, lol.

I don't know if you would like these, but my favorites as far as exclusives go are Ratchet and Clank (platformer), Uncharted (still need to play the full game, but what I have played is awesome), Valkyria Chronicles (third person shooter, strategy RPG), and LittleBIGPlanet is a lot of fun, BUT if you're not into creating your own levels and shit, as I haven't been doing, then you might not get much use out of it after a while.

If you're into racing, then as father said, Motorstorm is pretty badass. If FPS is your thing, you won't find anything better than Killzone 2 if you ask me. It's a visual assault on the eyes, and it's just action packed and fun. And of course, if you like your action, God of War III is around the corner. :) Upcoming titles are looking pretty good as well, like Infamous, Uncharted sequel, Ratchet and Clank sequel, etc.

And father mentioned PSN titles, there are actually some really good ones out there. If you're just looking for exclusives, Wipeout HD is really cool for racing, Crash Commando is just straight up fun for mindless online play, and there are a lot others, but I'll stop here because it will start to look like I'm a Sony rep or something if I go on much longer. :P lol

I'm honestly still surprised you actually bought one!!

blondejon said...

not as suprised as i am.

Ok my collection so far is

Sonic the Hedgehog (which is rubbish)
Gran Tourismo 5 Prologue
Tiger Woods 08
Assasins Creed
Soul Calibur IV
Ridge Racer 7

I also picked up the 3 ps2 GTA titles for Riina

So quite a good collection for a week of ownership I feel :)

blondejon said...

oh and burnout paradise ultimate, which i keep firgetting

NebachadnezzaR said...

"This video is not available in your country"

Way to go, youtube, way to go...

fatherkrishna said...

Nice collection BJ! (And I still can't find you on Facebook... Do you know there are 55 pages for jon lee?

Back again dear Gnome... (just about!)

Sorry nebacha!

blondejon said...

id love to post my email address on can add me on psn jblondejon should do it, you too jun

just got little big planet off ebay, new and sealed for £10 :)

Caleb said...

It was pretty good.

There was some really good production in the video.