Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nazi Zombies!

I just checked the date of my last post and it was literally a week ago. Having been absent for so long, it may have looked like I'd retreated into my non-posting mode again... Not so! The fact of the matter is that I've devoted the week to The Saturn Junkyard, which I had severely neglected over the last year.

So, there will be more posts here at FKWS over the coming weeks, as I reckon it's time to put some life back into this old place.

Now I know that some of you guys know there has been the arrival of a PS3 here at Krishna Towers, and a couple of you have asked me for my impressions. Well the truth is, I've only played it properly for about twenty minutes this morning. when we got the Xbox "for the kids" last year, I was all over it. I've probably had more use out of it than they have. So this year, I've let them have free reign over it. There's three of them that need to share it, so I figured the last thing they would need was a fourth party competing for game time.

My middle son was kind enough to buy me Condemned 2 for the system, but I've not even played a second of it. So what did I play to give me my first taste of "proper gaming" on the PS3?
It was Call Of Duty: World At War - Nazi Zombie Level.

I played co-op with my littlest son and I have to say it was a blast. The basic premise is that you are stuck in a small building with barricaded windows. Hordes of Zombie Nazis are coming and it is your job to fend them off, with a variety of graded weapons. These might be as simple as a knife or pistol, or as devastating as a grenade or alien gun whatever the hell that is...

You can also repair your boarded up windows, if the zombie throng have damaged them,. The aim of the game is to last as long as you can whilst swathe upon swathe of the undead advance.

The levels inclusion in what has been seen as a serious war game, which treats the subject respectfully has been one for which publishers Treyarch have been slated. There was already a hostile reception amongst COD4 fans before the game came out, that Treyarch should develop the next COD game. They took a big gamble taking on the project and it seemed that in the face of anticipated failure, they pulled the sequel off just fine... Except for this one unlockable.

Hell it even prevented the game being given a 10/10 score from Games TM magazine, who settled for a 9/10 due to the inclusion of this side quest.

personally, I don't see what all the fuss is about! If you think it is a crass add on to a serious game, then don't play it! Stick to mission mode and online battles and ignore it completely. I thought my brief time on it was a lot of fun and I could see myself playing it over and over in a bid to beat previous efforts, By all accounts the online battle mode is not nearly as much fun as those on COD4. My sons have enjoyed the Nazi Zombie levels far more than online play, choosing to play it with their friends in the house, rather than trying to blast some unknown COD obsessive, screaming abuse through the head set from across the Internet.

I will eventually play the mission mode and will eventually use the PS3 more and more as it becomes less of a novelty to the kids. But for now, shooting fascist walking dead has been an excellent introduction to the system!


DEITRIX said...

You got it hooked up online..? If you do, let me know your sign on..


Send me an invite!

NebachadnezzaR said...

Critics are fucktards, I've said it before and I'll say it again...

This game was doomed to get bad receives due to the simple fact that it wasn't made by IW (OMGZ!!!). In the end Treyarch did a damn good job, and that little extra is just an example of the love and care they had for this game.

BTW, what do you think of the PS3 controller when it comes to playing an FPS? I honestly think it sucks :( Of course, I never liked it from the start, but for the sake of MGS4 I tried to get used to it and for that game it actually worked well, but I've tried playing a lot of FPSs and it just plain sucks... The triggers are horrible, the analog sticks are too "light" and overall it's a pain in the ass.

Ice Koobs said...

Not so true Neba about the the fact that COD W@W was going to get bad reviews just because it was made by IW. I didn't know about that until I did my full research on the game after I played it. And I still though the game was rubbish.
But to lose marks because of the Nazi Zombie level? That's just plain insane. That was one of the only redeeming features of it.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Trust me, Koobs, that's true because the same thing happened before with CoD3, the first CoD with a number developed by Treyarch instead of IW, and despite being even better than CoD2 in my opinion, it simply got bashed because of that