Monday, January 26, 2009

A message from FK

Hi this is joe FK's son. He wants you all to know that hes in hospital so hes sorry if hes been quiet and not replying to any emails. He's unable to get to a computer and is unlikely to be out until next week. Please spread this around the blogsphere. He sends a big big love to all!
cheers everyone Joe x


DEITRIX said...

No problem, Father.. You just get yourself well.!!

Hope to hear from you in a week or so then.

Thanks for the post Joe!!

gnome said...

Thanks for letting us know Joe! Give your dad a big hug on behalf of all of us (and -apparently- our girlfriends).

Also give him our love!

Also, also, get the man a DS in there!

Ice Koobs said...

Thank you Joe.
Tell him that I hope he gets better.
Poor dude must be having hell with all the games he wants to catch up on and not being able to do them.

Junlee said...

Appreciate the post Joe! Tell your good ole' dad to get better!

Random J said...

Damn! I thought that was Lex Luthor from Smallville! *lol*

I'll be sure to have a present ready for the old fart when he comes out of hospital. I have no idea what, but I'll think o' summat. ;D

NebachadnezzaR said...

Sorry Joe for not sending those e-mails earlier but I've been pretty sick myself.

As I said in my last mail, I hope he gets better quickly. Give him a big hug for me and let him borrow the DS :)

FUNNYMAN said...

Hopefully, it is not a life-threatening illness.

Caleb said...

Get better soon FK!

Sonny Boy said...

Hope you get well soon Father k.

blondejon said...

get well soon mate - if you already did then sorry i didnt get to see this earlier