Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good God! Gargantuan Gaming Gridlock!

When I look back across the archives of FKWS for 2009, it is not an impressive one in terms of blogging. In fact I've just about managed to keep hanging onto the tenuous grip I have on the blogosphere in terms of my own blogs and those of my dear brothers.

That being said, it has been quite a mad year, in terms of my health and the adjustments we have had to make as a family unit. And just as I was ready to start back at work full time for the new academic year, the docs tell me I am in grave danger of shuffling off this mortal coil if I don't have a major heart operation... within the next two weeks... HOLY AORTIC CAVITIES BATMAN!

So I have decided to use my time off work as an opportunity to reconnect with this epistle and those of my blogging chums. No grand promises however, I'm far too slack for that...

So, rather than drone on for ages about my gaming past since GTA China Town Wars, I thought I'd present it in list form and perhaps expand on individual titles if I wish to later... I will however post a little link to websites for each of them in case you are intrigued. Ready? Here goes...
GTA IV (again) (360)
Lost and Damned (360)
GTA San Andreas (360)
50 Cent BOTS (PS3)
Yakuza II (PS2)
Kingdom Hearts ...meh...(PS2)
Scarface (PS2)
Sega Rally Revo (PSP)
Soul Calibur (PSP)
Stranglehold (360)

Now I've looked at it, it seems pretty short as lists go, but that is also because I've been enjoying time with my family, tidying, de-cluttering, and decorating the house, getting my eldest off to university and spending time with non-gaming friends, so I'm happy that it's short. Any way, "keep it brief" is my new mantra for posts. Tata!


NebachadnezzaR said...

Nice seeing ya! :D

Short posts are better than none, imo.

Oh, and by the way, I ended up scoring a DS! WIN! :D Probably gonna write something about it on my place later

Sonny Boy said...

Glad that you are back.

I hope that the op goes well next month. I'll be thinking of you.

fatherkrishna said...

Cheers guys it is nice to be back. Nuno, I'll catch you over at your place. Cheers Sonnyboy, I'll see you over at the forum! :)

fatherkrishna said...
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