Monday, June 15, 2009

Deadmaus & Kascade - Remember

More music that's floating my boat at the moment, but couldn't be more contrasting than my last musical reccomendation, is this rather wonderful tune from the intriguingly named, Deadmaus.
From it's subtle progressive house beats to it's hauntingly soothing vocal, I could listen to this song for hours at a time. Now I know it's not BJ or Nebacha's cup of tea, but I'm hoping it might resonate with a couple of you guys out there. It rather reminds me of this tune from way back in my raving days...

Now I know the few readers I still have would much rather hear about my current gaming habits and believe me , I've got a backlog of games to tell you about, including Tekken: Dark Resurrection, Condemened 2, Resident Evil (remake), Lost Planet, GTA China Town Wars, Outrun Online, Watchmen and House Of The Dead: Overkill .

So I'll get to that soon enough! Until then, this is Father Krishna reminding you all that I'm still alive and floating round the blogosphere!


blondejon said...

actually ive been to so many raves in the past i lost count, was a big happy hardcore fan in the 90s ;-)

not really my thing these days.

fyi thats my facebook account your posting messages on not juns ;-)

fatherkrishna said...

Hey, in that case we've probably been off our trolleys in the same field and not even known it! LOL!

Ah yes... Can one of you guys change your names? I've a very limited brain capacity of late...