Thursday, November 15, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy Screenshots

Having been something of a Sega fanboy for most of my gaming life, I never really got into those crazy I-talian plumbers. In fact, apart from Donkey Kong at the arcade, the odd flirtation with the original Super Mario Land on the Gameboy and enjoying the film adaptation with Bob Hoskins, that everyone else thought was a crock of utter shit, I've really had no interest in Mario at all.
But since the day I got hold of my DS, I've become something of a Nintendo convert and of course, now proud Wii owner. These days I've softened towards our little moustachioed friend, although he doesn't evoke the sense of nostalgia and familiarity that Sonic does.

But all that is about to change with two new titles that are exciting me lately. One is Mario and Sonic At The Olympics (about which, more later!) and the other is the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy. Looking like a cross between Mario 64 and NiGHTS, this is one of the titles that featured heavily in the Wii promo videos, but gamers have had to wait an age for it's arrival.
Getting some great write ups recently, I will probably rent before I buy. Who knows? Maybe it'll be the turning point and finally Mario will mean as much to me as he does some of my blogging contemporaries... God! One day I might even care about Link! And talking about links
(he! he!) enjoy the links below... If you're unfamiliar with J's Corner, it's a fabulous Nintendo resource and also provides a lot of funny stuff and great music!

Super Mario Galaxy Video

J's Corner Of Randomness

Super Mario Galaxy IGN

Nintendo UK



NebachadnezzaR said...

I have to admit, at first SMG seemed like crap to me, but recently it started to look better and better.

It somewhat reminds of the old days when platform games were still fun.

gnome said...

And reading all those glowing reviews... I got to grab me a Galaxy.

BTW, thanks for watering the plants Father!

DEITRIX said...

Not into Mario games, but I will be picking up RE: UC later today...

Did you get it yet..? Will let you know what I think after playing it...
Will IM you soon!

fatherkrishna said...

Hi Nebacha! Apparently the freshest platformer in years, SMG on the Wii evokes the thrills of years before... I'm sporadically playing Super Mario Land on the Gameboy Colour and it is indeed a lot of fun!

Gnome you're welcome! I enjoyed "watering" the plants...

Deitirx! Great to hear from you!
The official release date for Umbrella Chronicles is November the 30th so, I won't get to play it yet, but it will probably be purchased and played on the day of release... Look forward to hearing from you again!

J said...

Thank you for the linkage FK! :)

From the very beginning I fell for Super Mario Galaxy. The first video I saw of the game won me over big time and I'm glad that having played the game it lives up to the hype. Super Mario Galaxy is a great game. One of the best 3D platformers I've played. I wasn't all that keen on Super Mario 64, but Super Mario Galaxy is fantastic. It's everything a game should be: Polished, well presented, easy to pick up and play and most of I just wish I had more time to play it. It sits alongside Metroid Prime 3 and Phantom hourglass as the games I want to play, but don't have the time to. :(

fatherkrishna said...

The linkage is an honour dear J! I've dipped into the world of Metro with it's GC incarntion on my Wii (and was inches away from buying the DS incarnation today...)

But do you know what? Having put a fiver down as a down payment for UC on release, there's so many games that I now couldn't give a flying f... for!

Am I catching up with you Young 'uns?

For the first time I've pre-ordered a game on it's release date!

I'm excited! :)