Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just Say Yes?

If there are two things that bug me, it's stupid 'scare tactics' and computer "pop ups". Whilst browsing the wonderful IGN I came across an American commercial warning against DRUGS *shudder*. Check it out here ... See what you think...

Sure it's fine for the UK and US governments to make billions of ££££s and $$$$$ from alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs such as Vicodin, but God forbid you should use a natural herb or fungus to expand your mind and get high. Here are my own opinions about the world of drugs...

Irresponsible, reckless and uninformed abuse of any drug is bad for you full stop. But drugs can be great fun too, if used responsibly. And some are going to do you less harm than others... Nicknames tend to be a decent guideline. "Smack" for example pretty much sums up the effects of Heroin... Definitely not reccomended!!!

"Ecstasy" however pretty much hits the nail on the head when describing MDMA. Warm, exciting, affection inducing, crystal sunshine.Why do you think raving and dance music have remained a stalwart recreational pass time twenty years since some bright spark put the two things together?

"Magic mushrooms" pretty much sums up the potential of psylocibin. The effects of these naturally occurring fungi can really reveal some mystical experiences or just cause the most hilarious of afternoons, when ingested in the right company and setting.

"Pot, weed, hash, dope, reefer, Mary Jane, tea, ganja, kali, rocky, soap bar, sensi"...and so on.

these are the various names attributed to cannabis, cannabis resin or marijuana. If eaten in the form of cookies, cakes or brownies then a funny and pleasant high is the most likely outcome.

If smoked then the outcome is likely to be the same, BUT they are going to harm your lungs.

Lungs are designed to take in air, NOTHING ELSE. Hash in particular has all kinds of crap mixed in with it, to bulk it out.

"Skunk" super strong genetically modified marijuana is deceptive. Due to the "un-natural levels of THC contained within it, it is highly psychotropic. This has acted as a trigger to those susceptible to mental illness. (This can be true of all narcotics... the danger is you will never know until you try... Something of a "Russian Roulette" potential... however, for the vast majority of people, sensible use of drugs will not harm them.)

It's a shame that drug use cannot be considered rationally and sensibly. Mis-information and scare tactics cause more problems than presenting an informed choice. The "Talk To Frank" commercials and campaign in the UK seem to be getting it right. Check it out here.

I guess my opinion as I approach my 40th year is that a natural, stimulant free, healthy life style is THE BEST way to live. Meditation, sensory deprivation, prayer and reflection can reveal the mystic side of our humanity and spirituality. Exercise can pump our bodies full of "feel good" endorphins. But if you feel the urge to experiment... Stay away from "crack", "smack", (YUCK!) and anything else that is addictive. Whatever you do keep well, play lots of videogames and stay happy!

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